Webb CrestThe family coat of arms is a cross gule between four eagle falcons (top right) plus border scroll, red with gilt letters, brown shadows on all, or crest out of a ducal coronet, and a device eagle displayed. Crown has 2 red and 3 blue shots all gold, with red hollows, scarlet shield, and edges light yellow. The cross shows that our ancestor was a crusader. The hawks denote swiftness and courage. The coronet that he was fighting under one of the confederate ducal sovereigns of France, and that he was an officer. The WEBB motto is ” Principles not Men”. ” IN ALTA TENDO “ This is a place for all my family to have there input. Here will be albums of family friends covering all occasions. I’am a retired British soldier living in Belize, with family in UK this is a perfect medium for all to keep upto date on events.